NECCO understands limited budgets, overflowing case loads and your desire to give kids a true chance. For over forty years, we have offered cost-effective solutions. We specialize in 24-hour response on all referrals. NECCO is a flexible team of professionals poised to do whatever it takes to provide multiple, community- based services to youth who need care.

Need a partner? At NECCO, we believe in the importance of integrating children and young adults into their communities and giving them tools, particularly independent living skills, to help them become self-sufficient and productive adults.

At NECCO, we believe that decisions regarding families and children should be made by an experienced and educated team of individuals who understand these groups. At NECCO, we are continuously educating our staff and foster parents, giving them the tools to better care for children and young adults, and to meet their needs. At NECCO, we believe that the kids come first.